Boost Your Wellness with Rejuvenating Massage Therapy

Soak up the best massage therapy in the Woodstock, New York, area at River Rock Health Spa. Our therapists offer a range of relaxing and tension-relieving therapeutic modalities to heal your muscles and unlock pain, including deep tissue and Swedish massage. Gift certificates may be purchased here or by contacting us. Please inquire about any services that you do not see listed.

Swedish Massage

This massage technique helps relax you and detoxify your system. It also reduces tension and stress while improving circulation and lymphatic flow. We recommend it for those receiving their first massage or those who want a more relaxing experience.

• $89 for 60 Minutes • $109 for 75 Minutes • $129 for 90 Minutes

Combination of Swedish & Deep Tissue

Relieve tension and improve circulation with this relaxing combination massage. Deeper or lighter pressure is applied as needed. The therapist intuitively and through communication with the client finds the right pressure to get the right results.

• $95 for 60 Minutes • $117 for 75 Minutes • $138 for 90 Minutes

Deep Tissue Massage

Improve your range of motion and relax tight muscles with deep tissue massage. This intensive deep massage uses a variety of techniques to release adhesions, and improve circulation, as well. Deep tissue massage may be painful, so please tell the therapist if you need lighter pressure.

• $105 for 60 Minutes • $130 for 75 Minutes • $155 for 90 Minutes

Woman with Warm Stones on Her Back

River Rock Warm Stone Massage with Aromatherapy

Experience stress relief and awaken the senses with this therapy based on Native American traditions. Heated basalt river rocks are rubbed with essential oils, placed along the body's meridians, and used to help knead tired and sore muscles for deep relaxation without overheating.

Stones Swedish Massage
• $139 for 75 Minutes
• $169 for 90 Minutes
Stones Combination Swedish & Deep
• $149 for 75 Minutes
• $179 for 90 Minutes
Stones Deep Tissue Massage
• $159 for 75 Minutes
• $189 for 90 Minutes

Aromatic Hot Towel Massage Using Essential Oils

Relieve tension, stress, and pain with the ultimate relaxing experience. It combines a deep, vigorous massage with steaming hot towels steeped in aromatic herbs and essences. Tension bound within muscles is unraveled with this powerfully effective treatment.

Using Swedish Hot Towel Massage
• $139 for 75 Minutes
• $169 for 90 Minutes
Using Combination Swedish & Deep
• $149 for 75 Minutes
• $179 for 90 Minutes
Using Deep Tissue Hot Towel
• $159 for 75 Minutes
• $189 for 90 Minutes


Bring physical, mental, and emotional balance to the body with this massage featuring seven essential oils with Isabel Miller. These anti-microbial oils are capable of reducing inflammation and killing viral agents. The essential oils combined with massage are designed to enhance structural and electrical alignment. Oils are dropped from about six inches above the body along the spine in a set pattern.

• $135 for 60 Minutes • $169 for 75 Minutes • $195 for 90 Minutes

Massage for Athletes, Gardeners, Weekend Warriors & Elderly Clients Using Essential Oils and Arnica

This customized therapy is perfect to prepare for athletic events or relief after strenuous sports or physical activity. It combines different massage techniques that can boost sports performance and recovery after stressing muscles during athletic. Many athletes consider massage an integral part of their routine. Weekend warriors benefit as well after pushing physical limits with strenuous activities like hiking, biking, or gardening.

• $139 for 75 Minutes • $159 for 90 Minutes

Massage Flyer

Myofascial Lumbar Massage

Improve flexibility and mobility of muscles and connecting tissue with this highly effective massage technique, often used to release or reduce pain and discomfort in the shoulders as well as the upper, mid, and lower back.

• $105 for 60 Minutes • $130 for 75 Minutes • $155 for 90 Minutes

Bindegewebsmassage with Angel Ortloff LMT

The Bindegewebsmassage technique focuses on the body's connective tissue (fascia). By freeing the connective tissue, the fluids of the body are allowed to move resulting in more mobility around the joints and in the massage therapist being able to work the muscle more efficiently to reduce pain and muscle spasms. In the Eastern tradition, one would say the flow of "chi" (or body energy), as well as the flow of blood and lymph. Only the connective tissue has direct contact with all parts of the body. Dehydrated fascia is like a dry sponge - rigid and inflexible. Benefits include relief from frozen shoulder, rotator cuff, neck pain, tight pelvic floor, and hip problems, as well as improved mobility. Because of the fascial interconnectivity and its relationship with the nervous system, one actually can experience a noticeably improved sense of well-being after this treatment.

• $115 for 60 Minutes • $140 for 75 Minutes • $165 for 90 Minutes

Thai Massage (aka Yoga Massage)

Improve flexibility and mobility while relieving pain with this massage technique practiced for more than 2,500 years. It provides gentle yet deep massage, stretching, and yoga positions. The client brings or wears soft, comfortable clothes, such as thin sweatshirt and pants. No oils are used. The treatment is appropriate for all ages, even the elderly. The guest may choose in advance between a massage table or a special body-size, thick-cushioned mat on the floor. Note: preferences must be given in advance because the cushioned mat or the table must be set up before the guest arrives for treatment.

• $105 for 60 Minutes • $130 for 75 Minutes • $155 for 90 Minutes

Pre-Natal or Post-Natal Massage

Soothing massage is a powerful tool for providing comfort during and after pregnancy. It relieves backaches, sciatica, leg cramps, swollen ankles, headaches, and sinus congestion. The therapist uses special cushions to cradle mother and baby for comfort. This is suitable for 2nd and 3rd trimesters or mothers who have recently given birth. Please consult your doctor before scheduling appointment.

• $125 for 75 Minutes • $145 for 90 Minutes


Ancient cultures practiced this treatment that relieves tension and other physical discomfort. Areas in the feet and hands have a corresponding relationship to the entire body, including all the glands and organs. Stimulating these reflexes can relieve tension and treat certain health issues. This type of treatment is not the same as simple massage for the hands and feet.

• $95 for 60 Minutes

Neck, Back, & Shoulders Massage

A variety of techniques are used to reduce muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulder areas. Though relaxing, this is not a full body massage.

• $89 for 60 Minutes

Monday Massage

Side-by-Side Massage (Per Person)

Two guests may enjoy a relaxing side-by-side massage to relieve tension and stress. It includes two tables, two therapists, and the choice of preferred therapeutic massage technique for each guest. Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, couples, or friends may enjoy this massage. Prices vary by type of massage.

*Note: Guests are more likely to be able scheduling a side-by-side massage by making advance reservations. The spa has only one room large enough to provide massage tables.

Notice: River Rock Health Spa reserves the right to change descriptions of individual services, packages, products used, and prices as needed. The prices in this menu of services supersede all prior pricing.